What are the common printing technologies for food paper packaging?

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    For food paper packaging, printing is essential. Only the finer the printing classification, the better the printing color of food paper packaging. So, what are the common printing technologies of general packaging boxes?


    I. gravure printing:


    Second, gravure printing, full of ink and three-dimensional sense. Among the printing methods of various packaging boxes, the printing quality is the best and stable, and the printing plate has a long life, which is suitable for a large number of printing. However, the complex price of the plate making is high and the benzene containing ink pollutes the environment. These two problems affect the development of gravure printing.


    2. Offset printing:


    Offset printing is mainly used for the printing of paper-based materials in packaging boxes. The printing format of sheet fed offset press can be changed, which is flexible. With the development of technology, the web offset press is also constantly improving. Now it has developed a web offset press that can change the printing format, and a web offset press with seamless drum. The printing drum of this web offset press is seamless, which is the same as the web gravure press. The offset press is also constantly improving its printing function. After some parts are improved and added, corrugated board can be printed; after improvement and adding UV drying device, UV printed parts can be printed. The above improvements continue to expand the range of use of offset press in the field of packaging printing, offset water-based ink will soon enter practical application, where offset printing is another progress.


    III. flexographic printing:


    The main advantages of flexographic printing are: 1. Simple equipment structure, easy to form production line. Among the three printing equipments of offset, gravure and flexographic printing, flexographic printing machine has the simplest structure, convenient operation and maintenance. At present, the vast majority of flexo printing machines are connected with stamping, polishing, cutting, slitting, die-cutting, indentation, punching, windowing and other processing technologies to form production lines and greatly improve labor productivity. 2. Wide range of application and substrate. Flexographic printing can print almost all printing materials and use all substrate, especially the corrugated paper printing in packaging box printing. 3. Water based ink is widely used. Among the three printing methods of offset printing, gravure printing and flexographic printing, only flexographic printing is currently widely used with water-based ink, which is non-toxic and pollution-free, beneficial to environmental protection, especially suitable for packaging box printing. 4. Low cost. The low cost of flexographic printing has been widely recognized abroad.


    IV. screen printing:


    With the introduction and development of screen printing equipment and materials, the new screen printing technology in China has made great progress. With its unique advantages, screen printing is very popular in the field of packaging decoration and packaging box printing. Its status and role can not be ignored, especially in cigarette, wine and gift packaging. At present, the most widely used screen printing technology is imitation metal etching, ice flower texture, refraction and so on. The printed packaging box is gorgeous in color, elegant and luxurious, which can be called the top grade. It is deeply loved by consumers and has a good market.

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