Three Steps of Green Food Packaging

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    Health, green and environmental protection will be an eternal theme in all walks of life and in any era. Of course, in this year's hot food packaging industry, also inseparable from these three key factors. The improvement of the quality of food packaging has solved the major hidden dangers of consumers to the health and safety problems behind it; the rise of green packaging has made food packaging more deeply into the ranks of energy saving and emission reduction; the replacement of food packaging materials, whether for food safety, hygiene or environmental issues has been given. Great security, and the use of "paper" instead of "plastic" method, its advantages mainly lie in the simplicity and feasibility of recycling.

    Improving the quality of food packaging is imperative

    Entering the supermarkets, there are many delicately printed and brightly colored food packages. The hidden health and safety problems are worrying. Almost all enterprises attach great importance to packaging safety. Food safety problems caused by unqualified packaging quality can not be ignored. The voice of the state, consumers and end users for improving packaging quality can not be ignored. Our printing enterprises should see that a standardized market for healthy and safe consumption is coming, and it is imperative to improve the quality of food packaging.

    Reduction of Emission from Food Packaging and Development of Green Packaging

    Food packaging accounts for 70% of the total commodity packaging, covering paper, plastic, glass and metal packaging. They can find the carbon footprint of carbon emissions from their energy and resource consumption. Through the analysis of the carbon footprint of food packaging and the possible new green trade barriers, the development of green packaging should be food packaging. Carbon emission reduction in packaging industry is the main way, and the introduction of carbon emissions trading and carbon sinks is another important way to reduce carbon emissions in food packaging industry.

    Food packaging abandoning "plastic" for "paper"

    Paper packaging has many advantages. At present, there are many kinds of food packaging on the market. In terms of environmental protection, there are recyclable and non-recyclable, and in terms of packaging materials, there are paper packaging, plastic packaging, metal packaging and glass packaging. Nowadays, the market share of plastic packaging is very large, but its production only pays attention to the safety and hygiene of food, and seldom considers the environmental problems. The pollution caused by plastic packaging is also obvious to all.

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