Food packaging safety is equivalent to food safety, which can not be ignored.

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    Many adhesives used in food packaging labels contain highly toxic chemicals. These toxins may affect the human visceral system. Some toxins can cause cancer, infertility, immune system disorders and neurological disorders. Reported that the current European food safety regulations only emphasize that these toxins can not be directly contacted with food, but did not prohibit them from appearing in label adhesives.

    Professor Dong Jinshi, Executive Vice President and Secretary-General of the International Food Packaging Association, told Life Times that there are no relevant standards for food label adhesives in China at present, and the materials used by different printing manufacturers are different, but mostly belong to benzene. These substances are cheap but contain toxins.

    Reporters observed that fruit sold in supermarkets were labeled on the skin, as well as cooked food, and labeled on packaging bags. Dong Jinshi said that all of this would immerse toxins in food. He pointed out that there are usually three kinds of food which are easy to be infected with toxins on the label: firstly, there are more oils, and oil is easy to dissolve toxins in packaging materials and adhesives; secondly, the toxins in packaging materials and adhesives are easy to volatilize at high temperatures; and finally, the longer the time is, the more toxins will be immersed.

    Dong Jinshi pointed out that "food packaging safety is equal to food safety." Therefore, he called on the state to introduce relevant standards, food enterprises and printing enterprises should also increase monitoring efforts, can not blindly pursue low costs. Finally, consumers should buy large stores and brands of food. Fruits and vegetables should be carefully washed or peeled before eating; cooked food should be aired for a period of time, because many toxic substances in packaging can be volatilized after being immersed in food.

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