Take stock of gift bags in various forms

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Handbag type


Handbag gift paper bag is the most widely used and traditional form of gift bag. According to statistics, 80% of gift bags on the market use this form. The biggest feature of the handbag gift bag is that it can be equipped with different materials of portable ropes (PP rope, cotton rope, hemp rope, etc.) for people to carry or hold. It is suitable for businesses to print logo, convenient for customers to use after shopping, very convenient.




The envelope gift bag gets its name because it looks like an envelope. The biggest feature of envelope gift paper bag is that it has a flap design at the opening, which can fully protect the products inside.


Open type


Open barrel gift paper bag. The biggest feature of this kind of gift paper bag is that there is no handle. The paper bag with larger size and opening barrel needs to be held when carrying. Kraft paper bags are often designed and made into open barrels for food packaging.




The open window gift paper bag refers to the transparent PVC or PP window designed on the gift bag, which can easily display products on the shelf. The open window gift bag is often used for food packaging, chocolate packaging, toy packaging, etc.

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