The problem of customized height of garment paper bags is also difficult

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When customizing the paper bag for clothing, you will find that when communicating with the manufacturer, there will be some disputes about the height of the paper bag, because the height of the paper bag determines how big a piece of paper is open when making the paper bag. You may not know that the open paper bag looks like something similar to the coordinate axis, but its XY axis is very thick. With the height of the paper bag, the four quadrants of the coordinate axis will be wasted a lot, because the surplus after cutting is useless, so many times in the clothing paper bag customization, the problem of the height of the paper bag is often the difference between manufacturers and businesses.

In fact, the main difference is the cost. Some businesses do not have a large budget for the customization of clothing paper bags, so they plan to make it shorter. However, it is often prone to problems. If the paper bags are too short, it is likely that the packaging box inside will be exposed, so it will not be very comfortable to watch, and it will lose its beauty. Therefore, under normal circumstances, manufacturers will recommend the customization of clothing paper bags It will raise the height a little, but many businesses will think more about it, and it will be a little difficult to reach a consensus

How to deal with this situation? To put it simply, raising the height a little bit, although the cost will be a little bit higher, it will be very convenient and fast, but in fact, it depends on the original intention of the design as well as the comprehensive consideration of some themes, mainly depending on the actual needs of the merchants, but if the paper will be wasted or saved to achieve a bad effect, this is not a wise choice, and It's about communication.

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