How to calculate the price of kraft paper bags?

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You will find that customers who make kraft paper bags normally encounter this kind of problem. The design size often doesn't change much. However, sometimes it is found that the size is still smaller, but why the price hasn't changed. Sometimes the same number of kraft paper bags are printed, but the price difference between the same number of three styles and the same number of one style is very large. What are the reasons for this? Today, Wenzhou Dreamfly Packaging will help you analyze the factors that affect the price of kraft paper bags.

First of all, the price is related to your material utilization. We all know that paper cannot be infinite in width and length. For the convenience of transportation and use, we need to have a fixed size. When we want to make kraft paper bags, we need to make up. When the size of kraft paper bags and the paper of raw materials are just matched together, the utilization rate is the highest. If the size of kraft paper bags and the paper of raw materials have spare space, then more paper will become waste paper, so the wasted paper will be included in your cost.

In addition, kraft paper bag printing is too important. If you print with one more number, it will have a huge impact on the product. One more number of kraft paper bag and no number of kraft paper bag need the same machine fee, mold fee and plate fee. Although they look similar, they are actually two different versions. The more the number, the equal cost between them The less, so this is also the main reason for the price gap between 1000 three models and 1000 one model. You think the same design of kraft paper bags is useless. It must be approved by the factory.

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