The packaging properties of supermarket bag products

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The packaging properties of supermarket bag products are similar. Is the corbic Navy here? In fact, the two designs are almost the same. The color below is better, and there is a star effect on it. The color matching below is not suitable for potato chips, and I'm drunk. In terms of pure beauty, the color matching above is worse. By contrast, neither of them is good enough to jump off the same kind and make a particularly eye-catching design.


Functionality is very important, aesthetic feeling is very important, brand association is more important, especially in this era of consumption upgrading.


As a part of brand identification elements, supermarket bag product packaging will lead consumers to think and associate with the brand extension, and have an impact on subsequent purchase and even the purchase of other products under the brand. In fact, as consumers, we should feel this trend more and more. Many products are purchased not only for its functions, but also for the force and feel. This kind of relaxed feeling after installation is the association brought by the brand. Once the atmosphere of force and story is successfully shaped, the price of the product will also be affected.


The importance of product packaging is probably so simple that it is integrated with the brand image of the product. As for the quantification of the importance, I will say that the final Budweiser design cost more than a few million dollars a year. The larger the enterprise, the more attention will be paid to these details.

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