What's the function of desiccant in baking bag

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Open the snack package. In addition to snacks, there is usually a desiccant package. Its function is to prevent the snacks in the package from getting damp and moldy. In general, after eating snacks, we will put the desiccant bag inside and throw it away together. In fact, don't throw the desiccant in the bag!


Because it works. Why? Because a lot of items at home are afraid of getting damp. If it can be kept together with desiccant package, it will avoid getting damp and prolong the storage time. Therefore, the drying bag has a great effect. It's a pity to throw it away.


When the photo album, stamp album and CD-ROM are damped, the photos in the album will become moldy and fade, and the stamps in the album will also get moldy. If the CD is damp, the image data in the CD will also be damaged. If it is stored with the desiccant bag, it can avoid moisture and prolong the storage time.


Computers, televisions, cameras and other electronic products are the most taboo damp, once affected, light will affect the service life, heavy will cause short-circuit fire. For example, if the TV is placed in a humid environment for a long time, the screen will not be displayed after the TV is turned on. Therefore, in the computer, television and camera put some desiccant, can effectively remove moisture.


Food desiccant package


Buy a small bag and put it in the nuts. The nuts will last longer.


Many people have the habit of collecting tea, but the tea is most afraid of moisture, because once affected by moisture, it will change its flavor, and it is easy to get moldy, and the tea will be wasted. Put a few bags of desiccant in the tea, you can effectively prevent the tea from getting damp.


This is the drying agent for the wardrobe. It's better to hang it in the closet directly to prevent the clothes from getting damp and moldy.


Although gold and silver jewelry is a precious metal, if it is affected by moisture, the surface gloss will be greatly affected, so you can also put several bags of desiccant in the jewelry box.

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