What are the basic characteristics of baking bags

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The influence of a product on the market depends not only on its quality, but also on the attraction of baking bags.


A mature food packaging can not only attract consumers' attention and interest in products through modeling, pattern, material, color and other factors, but also make consumers understand the products through packaging.


Because people buy products, not packaging. The most effective way to accurately convey the product information is to truly convey the product image. You can use transparent packaging, open a window on the packaging container to display the product, draw product patterns on the video packaging, simply add text instructions on the outsourcing packaging, and print color photos on the packaging.


Accurate transmission of product information also requires that the packaging grade and product grade should adapt to each other. Exaggeration and concealment of product quality and effect are failed packaging. Before the export of ginseng in our country, it was packed in sacks and cartons. Foreigners thought it was dried radish. It is not difficult to understand that packaging is closely related to product quality.


On the contrary, low-end products are packaged in very beautiful packages, which will not attract consumers. For example, most of the small food packages printed on the market in China are exquisite, with exquisite patterns and gorgeous appearance. For those children, they are very attractive, but after buying, they find that the product quality is very poor, which is not directly proportional to the quality of the outer packaging. It can be imagined that the quality of the outer packaging must be the same as the quality of the product itself To you.

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