People's understanding of the safety of baking packaging

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In recent years, people pay more and more attention to the safety of baking packaging, and green food packaging bags have gradually become the pouring point for everyone. In the process of food production, enterprises should put an end to harmful substance residues in the packaging and printing process, not only to promote their own products, but also to pay attention to the whole environmental protection issues.


The safety of food packaging bags should not be underestimated. The harmful substances in many packaging bags are often the culprit of various human diseases. Especially in the packaging and printing process, the use of benzene, hexane, halogenated hydrocarbons and other harmful chemical materials as the main raw materials of ink, will bring harm to human body. For example, a large amount of ink, organic solvents and adhesives should be used in the printing of general composite packaging materials. If the production enterprise does not leave enough time for benzene to volatilize in the packaging production process, benzene will remain in the packaging. If the amount exceeds a certain amount, it will pose a threat to human health, and the safety and quality of food itself can not be guaranteed.


At present, the promotion of the concept of green food packaging bag. The quality of food packaging ink has been strictly restricted in China, and the ink safety standard has entered the trial operation stage. Aromatic free solvent, soybean oil, water-based solvent and other important environmental protection elements have been widely used in food packaging, I believe it will achieve certain results!

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