The lack of specifics on the new label on flour packaging has raised doubts among the public.

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    In addition to whitening agents, what is added to the flour?

    Some flour packages are marked as "no whitening agent" and others are marked as "no additives". Since the ban on flour whitening, flour on the market has been marked as "whitening" flour. However, the product descriptions of "no whitening agent" and "no additives" have raised doubts among many citizens. What's the difference between the two? Does flour contain other additives besides whiteners?

    On the 9th, the reporter first came to Darun Fat Supermarket. In the flour area, the reporter saw that various kinds of "prohibited white" flour of different brands were on the shelves, and many citizens were buying flour in the supermarket. Reporters interviewed several of them randomly. Sun Yanhui, a citizen of Zhifu District, said that she was very careful in choosing flour. She would not skip the brand or product description, especially if there were any whitening agents. "Some flour packages contain no whitening agents, while others indicate that they do not contain any additives. I know what "no whitening agent" means, but I don't quite understand "no additives". What do these "additives" mean? "Careful Mrs. Sun said puzzled.

    "Are there other additives besides whiteners? I looked carefully at the flour packaging instructions, which did not contain any instructions on other additives. "Citizens Sui Hong told reporters. In this regard, the reporter consulted the supermarket sales staff, they are not clear.

    Later, reporters visited Wal-Mart, Jia Jia Yue and other large supermarkets, many citizens are not very clear about the difference between the two. In this regard, many people said that in addition to the flour does not contain whitening agents, if there are other additives, manufacturers had better be able to clearly label these additives, thereby dispelling the public's doubts.

    In view of the difference between "no whitening agent" and "no additives", the reporter consulted the staff of Dongfang Flour Mill in the Development Zone. Staff explained that "no additives" means that the flour is authentic wheat flour without any additives except wheat. "No whitening agent" only means that there is no whitening agent in flour, and other additives may be added. Other additives mainly refer to steamed bread improvers, reinforcing agents, nutritional fortifiers and so on.

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