Mainstream Trend of Food Packaging Materials in the Future

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    Food Packaging plays an irreplaceable role in protecting food, preventing food from contamination by external microorganisms or other substances, preventing or reducing food oxidation and other reactions. Packaging is indispensable for human life, but also because unqualified packaging has a direct impact on human health.

    At present, there is no completely unified definition of green packaging. Generally speaking, the appropriate packaging that can recycle, recycle or degrade decay and does not cause harm to human body and environment in the whole life cycle of products is called green packaging. The most important meaning of green packaging is to protect the environment, but also has the significance of resource regeneration.

    Data show that food packaging accounts for 70% of the total commodity packaging, covering paper, plastic, glass and metal packaging, which can find the carbon footprint of carbon emissions from their energy and resource consumption.

    At present, in order to attract consumers, packaging manufacturers often focus on the beauty and uniqueness of packaging, ignoring whether it is conducive to recycling, disassembly and other factors, and even some packaging will endanger consumers'health.

    In a word, the main trend of food packaging materials in the future is functionalization, environmental protection and simplification. Sterile packaging uses high-tech and molecular materials. Fresh-keeping function will become the focus of food packaging technology development. Non-toxic packaging materials will become safer. Plastic packaging will gradually replace glass products. Composite flexible packaging bags made of paper, aluminium foil, plastic film and other packaging materials will present high-grade and multi-functional. The acceleration of the pace of social life will make fast food packaging face tremendous opportunities for development. Food industry is a sunrise industry in the 21st century. Food packaging materials are developing more rapidly. Food packaging materials will seize this opportunity to develop and grow.

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