What factors are closely related to baking packaging price?

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Most customers in the selection of cake, in addition to concern about the taste of the cake, will also have requirements on the packaging box, that is, the beauty of the packaging box. Therefore, many baking shops will customize baking packaging boxes according to customers' preferences and their own needs. For different baking packages, the price is also very different. What factors will affect the baking packaging price?

1. Printing hardware problems: generally, cake packaging boxes are carton products. Compared with paper, paper boxes are more difficult to print. Therefore, the traditional printing technology may make the printed patterns fade easily, and the printing may not be clear. Then, in order to achieve better printing effect, we need to actively look for other printing technology, only in this way can we make the printed pattern clearer, and can the printed pattern be preserved on the carton for a long time.

2.The eye-catching point of the packing box: for the packaging, its nature has a certain role of promotion and publicity, so in order to let our packaging box have a clear purpose. In order to show the content that we want to show, we must choose the content purposefully and orderly. For example, the selection of paper, the eye-catching degree of the whole page printing logo and the characteristics and content of the product, and if it is used to hold the cake, then it should be as artistic as possible.

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