What are the common features of the conventional handbag making?

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The most memorable is always the most characteristic. For example, the exquisite handbag packaging will make people bright and unforgettable. If your company's handbag is very exquisite in design, then the frequency of using it in customers will increase. It will help you spread and publicize the brand for free and consolidate the position in the same industry.

The second is the issue of printing materials, which should not be underestimated. Different printing methods and effects of different materials are also different.

Finally, in terms of technology, paper handbags are complex, and offset printing is often used in the printing of paper handbags. Remember to pay attention to the problem of glue line, otherwise it will directly affect the grade problem. The general production process of handbag needs to go through printing, laminating, punching, threading and other auxiliary processes, so that it can be finally formed. The process requirements are still relatively strict.

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