More than 90% of printing and packaging enterprises return to work

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Novel coronavirus pneumonia has been launched in Zhejiang since January 23rd when the major public health emergencies in Zhejiang started to respond. Novel coronavirus infection prevention pneumonia Handbook and SARS infection prevention and control readings were printed by the Zhejiang printing group to prepare emergency packaging, and the printing and packaging of labels, such as protective clothing, respirators, disinfectant and all kinds of medicines, were printed.For example, Wenzhou Dreamfly Packaging Co., Ltd. has printed and produced more than 3 million disinfection label boxes. Since the middle of February, under the premise of no slacking of epidemic prevention and control, printing and packaging enterprises have made full use of big data technologies such as "epidemic map" and "Health Code" of Zhejiang government to smooth the flow of logistics and people, and returned to work safely and safely by zones and levels.

Zhejiang printing and packaging industry has a large amount of labor in other provinces, and the shortage of labor has become a problem after returning to work. In order to escort the return to work, Zhejiang has implemented closed-loop management and control from home door to door and factory door in the form of point-to-point chartered cars and government subsidies, so as to ensure that migrant workers come here safely as well as safely. Longgang, Wenzhou, the gathering place of printing and packaging enterprises, arranges special vehicles for pick-up in Anhui, Hunan and other places where the employees of printing and packaging enterprises are relatively concentrated. The government shall bear 2 / 3 of the Charter costs involved, and the enterprise shall bear 1 / 3.

Local printing and packaging associations give full play to the advantages of industrial organizations in publicity, mobilization, communication and promotion to help the resumption of production. In this epidemic, Zhejiang printing and packaging industry actively contributed money and love. Up to now, 75 printing and packaging enterprises have donated more than 17 million yuan. The official account of novel coronavirus control and reference manual of production enterprises reissued by WeChat public number was released in time by the Secretariat of Zhejiang printing and Packaging Association. The policy information of "ten skills of rehabilitation", "promotional skills" and so on, were released to better help industry enterprises to do well in orderly rework and epidemic prevention and control. Local associations organize member units to actively self rescue, purchase disinfectants, masks and other anti epidemic materials, and help enterprises to resume production.

Shen Jianguo, deputy secretary-general of Zhejiang printing and Packaging Association, said that in the next stage, efforts should be made to crack down on the phenomenon that it is difficult for printing industry to resume production, resume production and continue production, so as to help enterprises recover production capacity as soon as possible. In addition, there are many small and medium-sized printing enterprises in Zhejiang Province. The epidemic lasted for a long time, capital turnover was affected, and capital pressure of enterprises increased. The association will actively use relevant policies to help enterprises get out of the epidemic as soon as possible.

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