Environmental protection concept of paper bags

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We all know the importance of environment to people, so we need to protect our living home, but we need to start from small things to protect our home, so how can we carry out our environmental protection? We all start with paper bags.

As we all know, paper can be recycled. The main raw material of papermaking is plant fiber. Besides cellulose, hemicellulose and lignin, there are other components with less content, such as resin and ash. In addition to the plant fiber in the paper, we also need to add different fillers according to different materials. The plastic bag we use is made of polyethylene. Its main raw material is oil, and now the oil is our scarce energy. The raw material of paper bag production is trees, which are renewable resources. It has the advantages of being degradable and recyclable.

Not all paper bags can be degraded. Some paper bags are pressed with plastic film. If the film material is PVC, it will not only harm human health, but also affect the decomposition of some paper materials. Paper is mainly made of logs. Excessive production of paper bags will also cause a large number of trees to be cut down. At the same time, it will also damage the environment. Only excessive production is needed. Paper bags are better than plastic bags. The most important thing is the environmental protection of paper bags.

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