Introduction to the practicability of kraft paper bag

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With the improvement of people's awareness of environmental protection, less and less people use plastic bags. People are also starting to use environmental protection bags, kraft paper bags and other packaging, kraft paper bags are also very practical.

For food packaging materials, its main function is convenient and fast. Therefore, kraft paper has a very good toughness, and the strong outer packaging will not fall off. Of course, in the packaging of liquid food, kraft paper can keep the same in the humid environment, prevent the outflow of liquid food, and also play a better role in packaging.

In addition, kraft paper has a good effect on the packaging of frozen food. Compared with other foods, the temperature of frozen foods changes greatly, and the strength of frozen foods should be considered carefully. In terms of strength, obviously kraft paper is better than homogenous bleached kraft paper.

Take a few examples of the widespread use of kraft paper bags. When you go to KFC or McDonald's, the kraft paper bags are usually packed in kraft paper bags. Generally, the weight of the kraft paper bags is relatively low. The kraft paper bags are made of all wood pulp, meet the national food level standards, and have a very good waterproof and oil proof effect.

Kraft paper bags are widely used in our daily life. The most important thing is the practicability of kraft paper bags, so they are very popular.

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