What are the requirements of green food packaging

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Paper food packaging requirements:

—— It can be reused, recycled or degraded.

—— No wax or oil is allowed on the surface.

—— No plastic or other moisture-proof materials are allowed.

—— The connection of cartons should be bonded, and flat wire nails are not allowed to be used.

—— The marking on cartons must be made with water-soluble ink and oil-soluble ink is not allowed.

Plastic food packaging requirements:

—— The packaging materials used should be reusable, recyclable or degradable.

—— Under the premise of protecting the integrity of the contents, single material should be used as far as possible.

—— The monomer content of PVC products used should meet the requirements of GB9681.

—— The polystyrene resin or moulding products used should meet the requirements of the corresponding national standards.

—— It is not allowed to use foamed polystyrene (EPS) and polyurethane (PUR) containing fluorochlorocarbons (CFS).

Printed ink or labeled adhesives on the outer packaging should be non-toxic and should not be directly exposed to food.

Packaging that can be reused or recycled shall be treated and utilized in accordance with GB/T 1676.

Other requirements include detailed requirements and standards for package size, label and label, storage and transportation.

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