The material of gift cake box should be chosen like this!

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Gift cake box packing box material should be so selected! People rely on clothes, beautiful clothes, the same exquisite gift packaging box plays a very important role in gift sales, especially in attracting consumers, increasing the added value of products, and promoting the brand of the enterprise. Junye packaging box manufacturer, specializing in the design and production of fine gift packaging box for 14 years, has rich experience in packaging box production and design. How to choose the materials of gift packaging box is still the most important aspect in the selection of high-grade gift packaging materials. The proportion of leather, wood, plastic and metal materials has increased compared with the previous ones, and natural materials such as bamboo, willow and grass are still less used. For some high-end gifts, there are also wood as the outer packaging materials. It shows its natural and civilized temperament. Take the red wine box as an example. In the process of the red wine packaging plan, we have been based on the village characteristics and dense red wine civilization. In the red wine packaging plan, many wooden materials are used to make the red wine packaging box, The wine bottle with straw was added into the inner box of red wine to bake the raw material of grinding. The village civilization characteristic of red wine dense was embodied. The scheme of red wine packaging box was in harmony with the wine civilization. Paper containers also have certain advantages. According to the different levels of gift, there are differences in the selection of materials: 1. Low grade gift packaging cartons: A. printing and coating of more than 350 g white cardboard, die cutting molding. b. Slightly higher grade then choose 300 grams of white board to mount into paper card, then print, film, die-cut molding. 2. Medium grade gift packaging box: 250 g-300 g of aluminum foil paper and 300g of white board paper are used for the printing surface to make paper jam, and then die-cut and shape the printing film.

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