Improving the Understanding of Food Packaging Quality and Safety

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more and more attention from all over the world. For this reason, a series of technical regulations and measures have been issued abroad to strengthen the restrictions on the safety of imported food packaging: the EU has formulated the maximum transfer value of printing ink for food packaging, stipulating that the total transfer limit value of 4-methylbenzophenone and benzophenone in printing ink materials for food packaging must be less than 0.6 per kilogram. Milligram; France announced that it would ban the use of non-biodegradable plastic materials for packaging food and agricultural products from January 1, 2010, and replace them completely with environmentally friendly and degradable materials; the United States recently passed the Food Safety Enhancement Act 2009, requiring the Food and Drug Administration to assess the wind of bisphenol A by December 31, 2009. Risk, states in the United States will gradually ban food and beverage containers containing the substance.

    China is a big producer and exporter of food and agricultural products. Packaging is an important aspect in the export of food and agricultural products. Various new safety regulations adopted by European and American countries on food packaging should arouse great concern of relevant government departments and export enterprises in our country, so as to avoid hindering exports due to food packaging problems.

    In order to effectively cope with foreign food packaging safety regulations and further expand the export of products, the inspection and quarantine department reminds the majority of food exporting enterprises that it is necessary to raise awareness of the quality and safety of food packaging. While ensuring the quality and safety of food itself, measures for improving the quality and safety of food packaging for export should be effectively strengthened and perfected.

    Firstly, we should pay close attention to the food packaging technology regulations of various countries, deeply understand and interpret their implementation time, specific content and coverage, and formulate corresponding countermeasures according to the enterprise's own situation.

    Second, we should strengthen environmental awareness and ensure that the whole process of raw material selection and product manufacturing meets the environmental protection requirements of importing countries.

    Third, we should increase investment in science and technology, actively improve production technology and production methods, introduce the concept of environmental protection into the whole process of packaging materials selection, product manufacturing, even use and recycling, develop non-toxic, harmless and degradable green food packaging materials, and speed up the pace of upgrading the food packaging industry.

    Fourth, we should actively explore emerging markets and diversify our trading partners. While consolidating traditional markets such as the European Union and the United States, we should actively seek new trading partners, properly avoid barriers to food packaging, and enhance the ability of enterprises to resist packaging risks.

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