Pay attention to food safety and aseptic packaging

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    From the consumer's point of view, food is a kind of private goods, but from the market sense, food is a kind of public goods. Food safety is a safety commitment to the sale of food. Food, unlike general consumer goods, is assimilated into a part of human tissues through metabolism. Therefore, it is the responsibility of all mankind to produce, process and sell safe food.

    With the increasing awareness of food safety, food packaging, the last link in the food processing process, has attracted more and more attention. Exposure of "packaging pollution" incident and the continuous improvement of relevant regulations make consumers and others understand self-protection. The Regulations on the Administration of Production Licenses for Industrial Products stipulate that from September 1, paper bags, paper tableware and other products for packaging food must be QS-certified before they can be produced and sold. It is their unanimous consensus to select advanced aseptic packaging equipment and high-quality aseptic packaging materials to ensure food safety for food production and marketing enterprises that regard quality as life.

    Aseptic packaging technology has experienced rapid development for decades. The research and development institutions, equipment and material-related production enterprises in the industry are constantly improving the level of food safety, while actively seeking the best way of "not destroying the original nutritional ingredients of food". The principle of "food safety first" and "nutritional function" is gradually recognized by consumers, which also opens up a broad space for the market application of aseptic packaging technology and equipment. It is recognized that the development of aseptic packaging industry is facing unprecedented opportunities and challenges.

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