How many details do you need to do for the paper bag?

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Clothing paper bag is an important way to publicize brand stores, which is highly valued by physical stores. Now all kinds of online recommended shopping have unique advantages. However, traditional offline promotional leaflets and clothing store paper brand placement are still two inseparable trumps in marketing. How to promote consumer consumption through clothing paper bag detail design? Let's talk about Shanghai Let's talk about maihe packaging.

1、 Good at using illustration, can better for our clothing paper bag to add highlights.

Hayao Miyazaki and jeepuli, I think we all know that each of their works impresses us deeply. In addition to the different realistic interpretations of animation, there are also social phenomena that they have always insisted on hand painting and used the most primitive methods to make profound reflection. The same is true for clothing paper bags. If we can use some in-depth illustrations as our main design drawings, which are consistent with the style of the store, we can also attract consumers. If we attract consumers, we will naturally be willing to consume.

2、 He is good at using photos to create the image of opinion leaders.

According to the survey, the proportion of shopping caused by online shopping content distribution is increasing. However, the proportion of traditional search engines to search for goods is declining, which shows that a large number of goods on the Internet cause a great burden on consumers, and the cost of goods they are satisfied with through search is increasing. Therefore, pinduoduo, which focuses on content marketing, appears. When it comes to this, some people think that offline operation is impossible. In fact, clothing paper bags can also achieve this kind of gathering benefit. Through the positioning of their own customers, printing pictures of people on clothing bags and matching entrance numbers such as official account can attract consumers' eyeballs, forming a master crowd effect.

3、 Good at using font matching design, highlighting the uniqueness of their own clothing paper bags.

When we are young, we will learn Chinese rhetorical devices, and the same is true in the customization of clothing paper bags. We design clothing paper bags according to the needs of products, and it is a good way to make articles on font matching. Through various rhetorical methods, we use words to express the characteristics of products, so that the products will naturally be different.

Through the above introduction, if you want to make a good garment paper bag, you can design it from three details: illustration, photo and text, and you will find the secret.

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