How to realize paper bag customization?

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    When it comes to paper bags, we all know that they are everywhere in some shopping places, providing customers with convenient services. Paper bags are environmentally friendly, and the most popular environmental protection packaging at present. They are deeply loved by consumers. How to realize paper bag customization? Let's understand:


    I. small white leather paper bag: generally, the number of this paper bag is large, because of its wide range of use, the merchants also know that this paper bag is cheap and durable, and they will buy a lot of this paper bag. Generally, the method of this paper bag is machine-made, machine attached rope, and completely operated by the machine.


    2. Medium-sized kraft paper bags: the so-called medium-sized kraft paper bags are all paper bags that are made by attaching ropes manually after they are shaped by machine. Because the domestic paper bag making and forming equipment will be limited, the paper bag sticking machine can only stick ropes of smaller paper bags, so the production of paper bags is completely limited by machines, and many kinds of bags cannot be produced.


    3. Big bags: if they are paper bags with reverse ends, they are relatively thick. Usually, these paper bags need to be made by hand. At present, there is no equipment in China to make this kind of paper bags, but they can only be made by hand. Generally, the cost of this kind of paper bags is relatively high, so the quantity will not be large.


    IV. if the quantity of the above paper bags is not large, they are all made by hand. Because there are too many losses in machine-made paper bags, it is impossible to solve the problem of small batch of paper bags.

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