Does the paper bag need to be covered with plastic film?

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Is it necessary to cover the paper bag with sub membrane? I feel that it is obviously better to cover the hand-held paper bag with sub film than not. After covering the hand-held paper bag with sub film, it will prolong its service life, keep its color bright, and mainly prevent moisture. Speaking of the benefits of covering sub film, it is not recommended to cover sub film on paper bags. Let's introduce Shanghai maihe packaging.

As the development direction of hand-held paper bags, hand-held paper bags do not need to be coated with sub membrane. Of course, there are two functions of paper bags covered with sub film. The first is to maintain the stability of the paper, which can also improve the net weight. The second is to a certain extent can play a moisture-proof effect. It needs a smooth surface to complement each other, so it's not easy to have problems, such as bubbles. The portable paper bag is made of wood fiber, which is long chemical fiber. But compared with other materials, it can bear more gravity, but sometimes the surface is rough, and some small bubbles will appear, which will affect the appearance. Generally speaking, paper bags are not recommended to be covered with plastic film.

Some of the pursuit of perfect handbags will not film, people's high standards of product quality, standard Huai paper bag raw material research and development on many kinds of paper, such as touch paper, pearl paper and filling paper. The first characteristic of those raw materials is to imitate the texture of other raw materials with paper as much as possible. Because it can reflect the texture, if people are in these materials, they can directly touch to create a sense of touch. If raw material is covered by plastic film, so there is no sense of smoothness. At the same time, it lost the significance of making unique paper. Usually, bags made of special paper do not use film.

After the above introduction, hand bags are not necessarily suitable for film covering, such as kraft paper bags do not need film covering, if the film covering will affect the effect of the bag itself. So the paper bag lamination is based on the needs of customers to do, and then look at the production of handbag material suitable for lamination.

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