The Functionality of Paper Packaging Industry Development Trend in the Future will be Strengthened

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    Nowadays, people's awareness of environmental protection and health has been enhanced, and the requirement of packaging has become higher and higher. Paper packaging meets the development needs of green packaging, and also solves the problem of environmental pollution caused by packaging waste. Can undertake a variety of food packaging tasks, the future will have better and faster development. At present, food packaging around the world has a good trend of sustained growth. Paper packaging is developing in several directions of multifunction:

    Wet-proof: Spray waterproof material on the surface of paper to make film attached to one or two sides of paper, so that food packaging paper has moisture-proof performance. The paper also has good printing, folding, bonding and other characteristics, and can be used like ordinary paper.

    Preservation: After chemical treatment and the addition of selective resin, the paper made from the pulp can keep the baked food fresh.

    Temperature Sensing: Artificial fibers which can change color with temperature are added to pulp. Environmental temperature is indicated according to the color change of packaging paper. Food is effectively preserved according to the color change of food packaging bags.

    Visualization: After special surface treatment, the surface of the paper is wetted, the paper changes from opaque to transparent. Consumers can see the food in the bag without unpacking, and it can also play a role in avoiding light in the dry state.

    Edible: Edible packaging paper is extracted from vegetables and shells, which is convenient for consumers and avoids environmental pollution caused by packaging waste.

    Sterilization and Antisepsis: Pulp is injected with sterilization or antisepsis materials, so that paper packaging can prevent bacteria from invading and delay food deterioration.

    Other functional food packaging paper, as well as water, oil, acid, deodorization and other special materials.

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