Food Packaging --"Paper" Leads to the Future

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As one of the four major families of food packaging, paper packaging has become a synonym of safety, fashion and style because of its environmental protection and renewable, showing its unique charm and value to consumers and producers. What are the functions hidden in paper packaging under the appearance of Meimeida? How will paper packaging lead the food industry to stand out in the future? Paper packaging has changed China's dairy industry. Who will change next? Let's go into the world of paper packaging.


    Food cannot be separated from packaging

    Let's start with an inverse hypothesis: What would food be like without packaging? The final result can be imagined, it must be a large number of food decay in advance, a large number of food waste, decay and waste of food is the ultimate destination - landfill.

    Over the years, there have been many calls to reduce the use of packaging in the market. We are not opposed to reducing transitional packaging, but we think that we should also consider from another aspect of packaging - only after packaging does not deteriorate or extend the shelf life of food, can we ensure that more food is really consumed, rather than wasted as garbage. 。 According to the statistics of relevant United Nations organizations, about 1.3 billion tons of food are wasted worldwide, equivalent to one third of the total production, while 815 million people, 11% of the world's population, are still underfed. The total amount of food wasted is enough to feed hungry people. Packaging is one of the important and effective solutions that can help reduce food waste.


    The Value of Food Packaging

    Food packaging, as the carrier of food, is an integral part of food. The value of food packaging for the food industry includes:

    The value to consumers: Maslow's theory divides consumer demand into five categories: physiological demand, safety demand, social demand, respect demand and self-realization. The so-called "people take food as their heaven" and "food takes security as their first priority". People should first live - have enough to eat and eat; secondly, live healthily - safe and sanitary; and thirdly, live better - nutrition, freshness, convenience to carry, sense organs and culture. Therefore, the most basic demand of consumers for food packaging, or the most basic value of food packaging for consumers is "safe, fresh and convenient".

    The value to producers:

    1. Image value display: As the saying goes, "people live a face, trees live a skin", "gold and jade within", and modern society also needs "gold and jade beyond". According to Dupont's law, 63% of consumers buy goods according to their packaging. Good food needs good packaging, brand food needs brand packaging more, as a carrier of food packaging, its function is not only as a container and protection of food, but also to provide consumers with convenient, easy-to-use, advertising, publicity, guidance and other image value display.

    2. Reducing packaging cost: For manufacturing enterprises, the factors affecting packaging cost include the cost of selected packaging materials, the rationality of packaging design capacity, the maximum utilization of packaging space, and transportation costs directly affected by packaging weight.

    3. Enhance the added value of products: After food is packaged, consumers are attracted to buy more than the actual value of "food + packaging", which is the added value of packaging for food. Of course, the level of added value is closely related to the choice of packaging materials, packaging design, design creativity and marketing techniques.


    Four Families of Food Packaging

    According to statistics, the main food packaging materials on the market at present are paper, plastic, metal and glass, which can be called "four families". Paper packaging accounts for 39%, and there is a trend of accelerating growth. Paper packaging for food can become the first of the "four families" and is favored by consumers and producers in the market. The value of paper packaging in food packaging.

    Compared with metal packaging, paper packaging has better shelf image and value display effect and lightweight.

    According to the research, it takes at least five years for the plastic lunch boxes used in the market to degrade completely in the soil, and 470 years for each plastic bag to degrade, but the average time for paper to degrade naturally is only 3-6 months. Therefore, compared with plastic packaging, paper packaging is safer, healthier and easier to degrade.


    Future Trend of Food Paper Packaging

    Before discussing the future trend of food paper packaging, what are the "pain points" of the current food industry?

    From the consumer's point of view - anxiety: As a big food country, food safety problems have appeared frequently over the years, seriously endangering consumers'health and life safety. The public's trust in food enterprises has been declining, which leads to a great crisis of safety and trust in the food market.

    From the producer's point of view - worries: worrying about food problems being complained by consumers and exposed by the media; worrying about being inspected and closed down by regulatory authorities; worrying about being misunderstood by the market or being deliberately rumored by competitors and lying on guns; worrying about the impact of fake and inferior food on brand image in the market. Because every concern will be fatal to food producers.

    Therefore, from the value of food packaging, combined with the current "pain point" of the food industry, the future trend of food paper packaging mainly includes:

    Green environmental protection: Green packaging is also called "sustainable packaging". In short, it is "recyclable, degradable and lightweight". Packaging also has a "life cycle", we get raw materials from nature, after design, processing and shaping, used for packaging commodities, after the use of commodities will be packaged for processing. Green packaging is to minimize the use of raw materials in this process, or to minimize the damage to nature caused by processing. It is gratifying to note that more and more countries and regions in the world are restricting or banning the use of plastic products in different ways. The trend of "replacing plastic with paper" is becoming more and more obvious. For example, the Queen of England formally declared war on plastics. More than 2,800 outdoor buyers in Shanghai, including hungry people and beauty troupes, are experimenting with "replacing plastic with paper". Paper instead of plastic, etc. In an era when everyone cares about the environment, the lack of environmental awareness of brands not only leaves the impression of irresponsibility, but also inevitably leads to the direct loss of consumers. It can be said that green paper packaging is not only the responsibility of entrepreneurs in food production and food packaging, but also the eternal feelings of consumers.

    Safer Paper Packaging: In the future, paper packaging security not only requires non-toxic and harmless to paper packaging and paper packaging materials, but also requires paper packaging to avoid food counterfeiting, further extend the shelf life of food, etc., through the safety of paper packaging to improve the safety index of food itself, from product safety to brand shape. Elephant safety. In recent years, with the rise of online shopping channels, there are more opportunities for counterfeit and inferior food. The disaster of counterfeit and inferior food, cosmetics and daily necessities caused by online shopping seriously endangers the health and safety of consumers. Moreover, for brand manufacturers, the carefully created brand image will also suffer once.

    Paper packaging functionalization: At present, various kinds of paper packaging are developing towards the direction of utility functionalization, including oil-proof, moisture-proof, high barrier, active packaging... There are also modern intelligent technologies, such as two-dimensional code, block chain anti-counterfeiting and so on. How to combine with traditional paper packaging is also the future development trend of paper packaging. Paper packaging functionalization is mainly achieved through printing and packaging links or paper packaging itself, but from the perspective of cost and efficiency, it is more reliable to give personalized functions from the source of paper packaging materials. For example: food thermal insulation packaging paper, like solar collector, converts light energy into heat energy. People only need to place the food wrapped by thermal insulation paper in the sunshine area, it will continue to have heat energy to supplement, so as to protect the food in the paper with a certain degree of heat and fragrance, and provide convenience for people to eat. For example: vegetable or starch as the main raw material, adding other food additives, using similar papermaking process, the production of edible packaging and so on.


    Paper packaging has changed the milk industry

    1997-2007 is the "golden decade" of the milk industry. The whole milk industry in China shows a "explosive" growth. Although the overall growth declined in 2008 under the influence of the "melamine" incident, it began to recover after that. The data show that the per capita consumption of liquid milk in China has increased from less than 2KG in 1997 to 17.7KG in 2016, and has increased nearly nine times in 20 years. It can be said that the rapid development of the milk industry, in addition to the continuous improvement of people's living standards and the market demand space brought by the upgrading of consumption in China, the promotion of liquid paper packaging represented by Lile has contributed greatly, and has also led to the emergence of a "hundred flowers blooming" development trend in the local liquid paper packaging industry in China. A large number of excellent domestic liquid paper packaging enterprises such as Fenmei Packaging, Shandong Bihai, Shanghai Pulisheng, Yuxi Innovation, Xiamen Yingsheng, etc.

    Who will explore the next change?

    The food industry's 12 trillion market is still growing steadily. How many happy and sad brand enterprises? As more and more industries and enterprises are categorizing food products to the ceiling, how can they stand out? The competition in the future will be the competition of resource integration in the industrial chain. How can we cooperate and share the whole upstream and downstream resources in the packaging chain, from the terminal food industry, to the matching printing and packaging and design enterprises, and then to the food packaging suppliers? How to extend the final consumer demand to packaging? Perhaps this is what we need to think about as every operator in the food packaging chain.

    In the future, following the development trend of food paper packaging, the international liquid packaging giant, the domestic local liquid packaging giant, the international famous western fast food chain enterprises, as well as a large number of excellent liquid packaging enterprises and food production enterprises in China have been cooperating with Zhuhai Hongta Renheng Packaging Co., Ltd. to develop the system. List liquid packaging, food paper packaging materials with various functions. These well-known brands of food production and packaging enterprises at home and abroad are bringing consumers more safety, health, environmental protection, convenience, nutrition and beauty with a high degree of social responsibility.

    Food Paper Packaging - the Choice of the Times! Solve the confusion for consumers and share the worries for producers.

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