Dark food packaging can stimulate consumers'desire to buy more

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With the improvement of people's living standard, packaging has been closely related to our life. As an indispensable design element in packaging, color determines the quality of packaging. As an important factor in food packaging design, color is often more convincing than words and graphics. Through long-term life experience, people form the ability to judge and feel packaging based on color. The color on food packaging not only enhances the aesthetic pleasure of consumers, but also stimulates consumers'subjective feelings, thus arousing the desire to buy goods. Color has the power to call for emotions and is an important part of forming the overall aesthetic feeling of packaging.

    New lifestyle and modern consumption concept greatly enrich modern food packaging. With the development of science and technology, new materials and green packaging system, the competition in packaging market is becoming more and more fierce. As an important part of the diversified design period of food packaging, color has become the focus of attention. Therefore, color plays a very important role in food packaging design.

    Looking at the dazzling food on the shelf, do you think it's delicious, intend to eat a big meal, or do you think it may not be healthy enough, intend to "stay away"? In fact, your choice of purchase may be influenced by the color of food packaging. A study by the University of Kiel in Germany shows that light-colored food can make people feel healthier, but it can make people less concerned about health taste bad; black or dark-colored packaging is more attractive to people less concerned about health.

    Researchers recruited 179 volunteers and designed six tests to simulate different open-shelf shopping environments, or to allow or not to try, to draw the above conclusions. Researchers report in the Retail Journal: "Unlike taste, health problems fall within the category of trust characteristics. Since it is difficult to judge whether food is healthy based on taste, it is only based on the color of packaging, even after tasting. People tend to make negative taste inferences without being able to try. Light-colored packaging, although healthy, can break some people's desire to buy, while dark packaging can offset this negative assumption.

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