Experience Talk: Four Most Common Problems in Corrugated Cardboard Process

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As an important material in the packaging industry, corrugated cardboard often encounters some problems in the production and processing process. The following are the four most common problems in the corrugated board process:

Deformation of corrugated cardboard: Corrugated cardboard is prone to deformation during processing, resulting in inaccurate dimensions of the finished product and unsightly appearance.

Corrugated cardboard fracture: due to insufficient mechanical properties of corrugated cardboard or improper production process, corrugated cardboard is prone to breakage.

Bonding of corrugated cardboard: The bonding of corrugated cardboard is a very important link in the packaging industry. If the bond is not strong, it will affect the quality of the package.

Water content of corrugated cardboard: The water content of corrugated cardboard needs to be controlled during the production process. Too high or too low water content will lead to a decline in the quality of corrugated cardboard.

In response to the above problems, it is necessary to improve and optimize the production process, raw materials, equipment selection and other aspects to improve the quality and production efficiency of corrugated cardboard.

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