Corrugated gift box packaging

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Corrugated gift box packaging is a common packaging material, which has high durability and strength, and also has good waterproof and moisture-proof performance. Corrugated gift box packaging is usually composed of three layers of cardboard, namely surface paper, core paper and bottom paper, which are processed by hot pressing and gluing.

The production process of corrugated paper gift box packaging is very rigorous, and it needs to go through multiple processes such as design, printing, cutting, embossing, and assembly to ensure its beautiful appearance and durability. In terms of gift packaging, corrugated paper gift box packaging has good decoration, and can be personalized according to different needs, such as adding ribbons, garlands, decals, etc., to make the gift more high-end and exquisite.

In addition, corrugated paper gift box packaging is also environmentally friendly. Its main raw materials are recyclable waste paper and cardboard, which reduces environmental pollution during the production process and meets the requirements of modern society for environmentally friendly packaging.

Generally speaking, corrugated paper gift box packaging is an ideal packaging material with good strength, durability, decoration and environmental protection performance, and can be widely used in various gifts, electronic products, catering and food fields.

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