Comparison of several common printing methods for corrugated cartons

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Corrugated box printing methods are usually divided into several types, such as: direct printing, lamination printing, bronzing printing, screen printing, etc.

Direct printing is to print the printed pattern directly on the surface of the corrugated box. The color is full and the printing effect is good, but it is not wear-resistant and easy to fade.

Lamination printing is to print after covering a layer of protective film on the surface of the corrugated box to make the printed matter more durable, waterproof and anti-pollution, but it will also increase the cost.

Hot stamping printing is to stamp a layer of metal foil on the surface of corrugated boxes to make the printed matter have a metallic luster, but it is not suitable for complex pattern printing.

Screen printing is to press ink into the surface of corrugated box through screen printing technology, which is suitable for monochrome or simple pattern printing, but not suitable for printing complex patterns.

In general, different printing methods have their own advantages and disadvantages, and the appropriate printing method should be selected according to actual needs.

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