How to fold a pizza box?

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Folding a pizza box is a relatively simple process, just follow the steps below:

Open the pizza box and flip the lid off so that the box becomes a flat surface.

Place the pizza in the center of the box, making sure the pizza is spaced evenly from the edge of the box.

Fold one side of the box up, then align down to be parallel to the bottom of the pizza.

Repeat the process, folding the other side up and down to align parallel to the bottom of the pizza.

Finally, fold the front of the pizza box up and align it with the other two sides, then press the edges of the box with your fingers to make sure the box is securely folded.

Folding the pizza box through the above steps can make the pizza box more compact, easy to carry and store, and can also protect the pizza from contamination or uneven placement.

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