Fruit gift box packaging

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Fruit gift box is a popular gift, it is not only beautiful, but also healthy. The packaging of the gift box can make it look more exquisite and high-end. Here are some suggestions for fruit gift box packaging.

First, choose the right box. It is best to choose a hard box, which can protect the fruit from being crushed. There is also the option of a box with a clear window, which allows the recipient to see the fruit inside.

Second, choose the right filler. The filling can prevent the fruits from colliding with each other during transportation. A good padding should be soft, lightweight and easy to clean. Materials such as paper, foam or tidbits can be chosen as fillers.

Finally, add some decorations to the fruit gift box. You can use ribbons, ribbons, flowers, etc. for decoration to make the fruit gift box more beautiful and generous.

In short, exquisite fruit gift box packaging can not only protect the gift, but also increase the beauty and high-end sense of the gift.

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