Comparison of carton fast food box packaging and plastic fast food box packaging

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The comparison and advantages and disadvantages between carton fast food packaging and plastic fast food packaging, carton fast food packaging and plastic fast food packaging occupy an indispensable position in the modern packaging industry, carton packaging relative to plastic packaging is relatively high cost, but it has recyclability, less pollution to the environment.


Plastics have existed for many years, closely related to people's lives, and also exist in a large number of building materials industry, which is also an important building material. The emergence of plastic packaging provides great convenience for people's life, but it pollutes the environment. In recent years, carton packaging gradually popular, simple packaging, personalized patterns and environmental pollution are welcomed by people.


Carton packaging and plastic packaging occupy an indispensable position in modern packaging industry. Compared with plastic packaging, carton packaging has higher cost, but it has recyclability and less pollution to the environment. In foreign countries, plastic bags have basically been withdrawn from supermarkets, and the paper box packaging is usually chosen for packaging, because the paper box packaging can be recycled, which can reduce the damage to the environment. In developed countries, the cost of environmental pollution is very high.


Therefore, although the cost is high, but usually choose carton packaging. The biggest disadvantage of carton packaging is poor waterproof. These are exactly the advantages of plastic packaging, so in order to make the carton packaging have a broader market, we must find ways to overcome these disadvantages. It can be predicted that the packaging industry in the future will be an era in which the raw material who takes the lead to break through this bottleneck will occupy the commanding height of the whole packaging market. Plastic packaging will not withdraw from the market for a while, but it is only a matter of time for it to go down the stage of history compared with carton packaging. Carton production will not decline because of plastic packaging, it will continue to glow in the packaging industry with the development of technology.

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