Characteristics of Paper Packaging Containers

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The characteristics of paper packaging containers are as follows:

(1) There are many kinds of paper specifications, few auxiliary materials and low processing costs.

(2) Paper has light weight, good cushioning performance, suitable for folding and forming, and has certain strength;

(3) Good reusability, recyclable, not harmful to the environment, is the preferred green packaging;

(4) Paper has excellent processing performance, simple processing process and easy to realize automation;

(5) Various shapes, excellent printing and decoration performance, exquisite paper containers can improve the added value of goods and promote sales;

(5) Strong display and display, with good shelf effect;

Filling, storage and transportation are convenient, and circulation costs are low.

Paper containers are often used as packages or outer packages for commodities with poor rigidity, sealing and moisture resistance and high requirements for liquids or sealing.

Paper packaging containers have been widely used in food, medicine, daily necessities, cultural and educational supplies, cosmetics, crafts, electronics, instrumentation, tools and equipment packaging, and with the further development of strengthening, calendering and film coating technology, the use of paper packaging containers will continue to expand.

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