Interpretation of the Relationship between Food Packaging and Product Promotion

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Food packaging is one of the best means of food promotion. Food performance, characteristics, eating methods, nutritional components, cultural connotations (history and legend, etc.) can not be identified by tasting as in ancient commodity exchanges. In modern society, functions rely on propaganda and explanation, while in food packaging, explanation is the best propaganda.

Necessary information refers to the contents that must be stated on food packaging as specified in relevant laws and regulations, such as food name, trademark, manufacturer, main ingredients, net content, date of manufacture (date of production), shelf life, origin, etc. These necessary information is labeled on the packaging. After the consumers purchase, the packaging and commodities are brought to all parts of the country along with the footprints of consumers, which plays an invisible role in publicity and promotion. In addition, the agent's telephone number and product profile can be added to the food packaging. In the product profile, choosing the right words and language, through concise and attractive statements, will have greater promotional effect, in fact, played a role of a salesman. Therefore, "Food packaging is a silent salesman".

The promotion of food packaging can be divided into image promotion, color promotion, structure promotion and brand promotion. According to the advantages of their own enterprises, manufacturers can carry out one or more aspects of promotional means, to give full play to the advantages of food packaging. Let Food Packaging Be “Your Salesman”.

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