Charm of Food Packaging Design

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Food Packaging design is a design art science which integrates practical technology, marketing and aesthetics. It not only makes the product safe and beautiful, but also becomes a powerful marketing tool today.

The Concept of Food Packaging Design

Literally speaking, the word "package" is a juxtaposition structure. The word "package" means package and the word "package" means decoration. It means to wrap and decorate articles. From the point of view of design, "package" is to wrap things with certain materials. Its basic purpose is to make things not easy to damage and convenient to transport. This is a practical science category and belongs to the concept of material; "package" refers to the decoration and embellishment of things. This refers to the use of different ways to beautify and decorate the wrapped goods, so that the wrapped goods look more beautiful on the outside. This is an aesthetic category and belongs to the concept of culture. Simply speaking of "Food Packaging" is a reasonable and effective integration of the two concepts.

Functionality is always the first in Food Packaging design. Whatever shape is designed, it should be endowed with concise principles, conform to ergonomic structure, and form a safe and convenient Food Packaging for products and users.

Sometimes designers will blindly pursue novel materials and novel shapes, thus forgetting the basic requirements of Food Packaging, safety, reliability and convenience, which is a major taboo in design. This is particularly important in the Food Packaging of chemical, medical machinery, electronic technology and other products.

The Connotation of Food Packaging Design

After meeting the basic requirements of the product, we should consider more about the connotation of the design. If the concept of Food Packaging design is a human body without artistic Food Packaging and decoration, and the expression of Food Packaging design is human clothing, then the connotation of Food Packaging design is the spiritual and cultural thought of this person. A person's dress can reflect his thoughts and cultivation level, Food Packaging design can also reflect the different connotations of products, brands, enterprises and so on.

First of all, we need to find the personality characteristics of products. People of the same age have different personality characteristics, and products are the same. The same type of product also has its own characteristics. Comparing similar products to find similarities and differences, dividing the consumer stratum according to the target market, and accurately positioning the products accord with the distinct personality of the products, these are the first entry points of Food Packaging. Take the "cuddle and embrace" product of Quickly Brand as an example, it is positioned in the youths who are lively, cheerful and like to pursue. In view of this consumer psychology, jeans, a representative dress of young people, are taken from the original design elements, while yellow and blue contrasts are used in color, and the style is concise. As soon as the products are put on the market, they are welcomed by the young people and have recently become one of the new favorites of Valentine's Day. This is determined by its distinct personality characteristics.

Secondly, after giving personality characteristics to products, Food Packaging design should also reflect the connotation of commodity brand. While "cuddle hug" is recognized by young people, Quick to establish this brand has also been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people with the increase of "cuddle hug" sales. It has spread in the consciousness and behavior of young people, and the brand image representing youth, vitality, relaxation and sweetness has also been established.

Thirdly, Food Packaging is also the accumulation and reflection of corporate culture image.

Food Packaging is designed for products. Products come from enterprises. Food Packaging design undoubtedly reflects the cultural image of enterprises. For example, the Food Packaging design of Coca-Cola, KFC or McDonald's not only gives the product brand connotation, but also reflects the accumulation of Coca-Cola, KFC or McDonald's corporate culture. That vigorous and enthusiastic spirit of enterprise has penetrated all over the world. Whenever Coca-Cola, KFC or McDonald's Food Packaging appears, people will always feel the inherent cultural essence of Coca-Cola, KFC or McDonald's.

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