Cake box: what process does the product box go through to deliver to the merchant?

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Cake box: what process does the product box go through to deliver to the merchant? If a product can be matched with a suitable packaging box, the added value of the whole product will be greatly improved, so that the product will have greater competitiveness. In fact, many product packaging boxes are carefully selected by packaging box manufacturers, and a small product packaging box will be made extremely exquisite by highly restoring the design drawing, So what is the general process for a small product box to be delivered to the merchant? Today, the paper manufacturer will take you to know. First of all, the manufacturer and the manufacturer need to conduct a series of negotiations, including: the design concept and conditions that the manufacturer wants, the process involved, and the amount of money. Then the manufacturer of the product packaging box will give feedback according to the information provided by the manufacturer or make modification suggestions for some unreasonable and unrealistic designs or conditions, Then, after the two sides reach an agreement (including the completion and approval of the design), the manufacturer who needs the product packaging box will first pay a small amount of proofing fee to the factory for proofing. Proofing is to highly restore the final confirmed design drawing of the manufacturer who needs the product packaging box through the combination of mechanical and manual methods inside the factory. After the strict selection of paper and paperboard materials and some strict technological processes, a small batch of product packaging box samples are made, And then the specifications of the sample intact to the need for product packaging box business confirmation. Once the product packaging box demander passes the confirmation of the sample, the factory will carry out mass production according to the initial demand of the product packaging box demander. Generally, this mass production will be at least more than 3000, because no matter from the operation of the printing equipment or the proficiency of the workers, It will affect the quality and work efficiency of a whole batch of products. If the quantity is too small and the workers are not proficient, the quality of the packaging boxes of the whole batch of products will be uneven. Usually, four-color printing, that is, offset printing, is a fixed batch of raw materials. If the quantity is too small, the most common problem is that many pigments can not be used up, leading to waste or pollution, These will greatly increase the cost of operation. A product packaging box from the negotiation to the packaging box manufacturers to deliver the business process is roughly like this!

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