New competition pattern of baking toast bag

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Before, there were few bakery shops in streets and alleys, and people bought less cake and few varieties. But in recent years, bakery has sprung up in large and medium-sized cities. According to data, the average consumption of 150000 people in mainland China is a bakery. Under the same conditions, the data is far higher than that in Hong Kong, South Korea, Japan and other regions. The potential of baking industry cannot be ignored. The end packaging scenery is no longer, the middle and high-end markets continue to expand, and the low-end market is relatively shrinking. With the continuous development of China's economy, the continuous renewal of technology, the continuous improvement of the competitiveness of baking packaging industry, the continuous expansion of the industry scale, the rapid development of enterprises, baking has maintained the rapid growth of scale benefits. Thanks to the strong market demand in China, the baking and packaging industry in China has shown a healthy, rapid and sustainable development trend. However, due to the influence of national policies, the high-end market of baked cakes, especially the high-end market of mooncake, is no longer in a good position. The market represented by mooncake is shrinking, while the middle and middle high-end markets are little affected by policies, and the business growth is fast. The new competition pattern of baking packaging is forming.

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