Cake box: the role of food packaging bag in genetically modified food

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Cake box: the role of food packaging bags in genetically modified foods has been widely discussed recently about whether genetically modified food is safe or not. Some believe that genetically modified food is safe and reliable, and some people are reluctant to eat genetically modified food regardless of the words of experts and professors. How do you know in daily life that the food you eat is genetically modified food? Mainly look at the label on the food packaging bag. In China, there are system of genetically modified food according to catalog, quality and compulsory marking, and the packaging of genetically modified food will be prompted. There are five crops in China, including soybean, corn, cotton, rape and beet, among which transgenic soybean accounts for a large proportion, mainly used as processing raw materials for edible oil. These foods with genetically modified food grade are marked on the packaging, and consumers can carefully check whether they are genetically modified food when they buy. Food packaging bags not only protect food, beautiful and other functions, but also provide the basis for food safety!

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