Baking toast bag: what are the development trends of food packaging industry?

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What are the development trends of food packaging industry? (2) With the rapid development of the food packaging industry and the diversified demand of the consumer market, food packaging is developing in the direction of diversified functions, including oil proof, moisture-proof, fresh-keeping, high barrier, active packaging... And modern intelligent labeling skills, such as QR code, block chain anti-counterfeiting, etc., how to combine with traditional packaging, It is also the development trend of food packaging profession in the future. It is understood that the main fresh product preservation skills of a company is trying to develop nano skills preservation packaging. According to the relevant personnel, nanotechnology green environmental protection inorganic packaging box, non-toxic, tasteless, not only can restrain the food in the box (if vegetables) breathe, but also adsorb the fruits and vegetables breathing announced gas, then conditioning the internal temperature, effectively extend the shelf life of fruits and vegetables. In addition, the whole transportation process does not need any refrigerant, which can also save energy. Safe and reliable we know that food can not be separated from packaging, and most of the packaging materials directly or directly touch the product. The residues of harmful substances in food packaging are too high, and food safety incidents caused by migration in food occur frequently. In addition, the basic function of packaging is to maintain food safety. However, some food packaging not only fails to maintain the effect of food, but also pollutes the food because of the unqualified packaging itself. Therefore, the non-toxic and harmless food packaging materials play an important role in ensuring food safety. A few days ago, an important new national standard for food touch information has been fully implemented. It clearly requires that "for food touch", "for food packaging" or similar terms should be marked on the food touch information and final products, or the spoon and chopsticks logo should be printed or pasted, so as to ensure the safety of food packaging information to a certain extent.


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