7 advantages of food paper packaging compared with other packaging!

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    Food paper packaging is very common in our life, which is widely used in the sales packaging and transportation packaging of goods. Do you know the advantages of food paper packaging compared with other materials in our daily life?


    1. Pollution free and recyclable:


    Food paper packaging can be recycled directly without pollution to the environment. It is recognized as an environmentally friendly packaging product in the world.


    2. Health and safety:


    The carton has the advantages of sanitation, tasteless and so on. The carton can be completely sealed, so it will not pollute the contents. The carton also meets the storage conditions of the products with respiratory function.


    3. Convenient for transportation and storage:


    Food paper packaging is light in weight, flexible in folding, easy to load and bundle, and easy to handle and store.


    4. Good protection performance:


    Compared with other packaging containers, the cushioning and shock absorption performance of cartons is stronger, the cartons are seamless and can block light and dust. Due to the adoption of many new technologies and the development of new varieties, cartons can be comparable with wooden cases in strength, stiffness, moisture resistance, etc.


    5. Easy to shape and decorate:


    Cartons can be designed according to different commodities. Cartons have good ink absorption performance and good printing performance. The printed characters are clear, the patterns are bright, firm and exquisite, which can give full play to the promotion function of packaging.


    6. Economy:


    The raw materials for making cartons are rich, widely sourced, easy to produce in large quantities, and the production cost is low. For the same packing box, the wood box made directly from wood is only about 1 / 3 of the wood box compared with the paper box made from wood. Therefore, energy and cost are saved. The quality of cartons is light, about 15% of the wood box, which can reduce the packaging cost and transportation cost.


    7. Convenient for production:


    Cartons can be cut, folded, easy to stick and nail. They are suitable for mechanized processing and automatic production. They can also be small-scale non mechanized production, even manual production.

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