Should the printing of portable paper bag choose matt PP lamination or gross PP film? What's the difference between the two?

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    In the printing of hand-held paper bags, mm PP lamination and gross PP lamination are often used, which are two kinds of post press processing technology. So how to distinguish the two processes of portable paper bags? What are the effects? Let's introduce them in detail.


    Gross PP lamination: from the surface color can be seen, light film is a bright surface, transparent and bright after coating;


    MM PP lamination: it can be seen from the color discrimination of the surface that the dumb film is a foggy surface.


    Classification: BOPP film can be divided into two types: light film and dumb film, and also can be divided into two types with and without glue layer;


    Ingredients: BOPP film with adhesive layer consists of BOPP + EVA double-layer composite film;


    Usage: BOPP film with adhesive layer is generally used for covering books and periodicals, meal boards, paper, labels, cartons, etc., with a wide range of uses; the cover of books and periodicals can protect the color of the cover from fading and dirt, and fold up after folding without cracks, so the selection of the coating is also crucial, so it should be carefully selected and used.


    Note: general users flat paper material cover peritoneum, for example, business card, book, album, poster, color box and other products. Peritoneum can not be used for local peritoneum. If it is necessary to achieve local peritoneum effect, other processes can be used, such as UV, oil, etc.


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