Why do gift paper bags use simple technology?

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Gift paper bags are used to place gift bags. All walks of life are using gift paper bags. When making gift paper bags, it's best to use simple technology. Then someone will ask why. In fact, this is also related to the environmental protection of gift paper bags.

Compared with other bags, the advantage of gift paper bag is its own environmental protection performance. In this environmental protection era, if the product does not have environmental protection, it will not feel very long. With the development of packaging industry, there will be many over packaging. A product needs three or four layers of packaging, people will feel very troublesome, but also waste.

Now people's production environment is changing, and the sensitivity of the environment is increasing. It is not appropriate to use this way to pack.

The same is true for gift paper bags. We all know that big brand clothing uses the environmental protection route. The most simple monochrome printing is basically used in printing. Such customized gift paper bags can reduce a large number of processes and provide the greatest evidence for the manufacturer's environmental protection concept. In order to customize gift paper bags, reduce redundant processes can also reflect their own environmental protection views.

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