Great Learning about custom-made clothing paper bags

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If they go shopping, they use custom paper bags to package their goods, especially clothing paper bags are widely used. As we all know, paper is a kind of recyclable resource. The raw material of paper bag production is trees, which are renewable resources. It seems that there are profound manufacturing techniques and skills behind the ordinary clothing paper bags. The previous garment paper bag customization technology level is poor, and the production efficiency is low. The paper bag manufacturers all rely on manual production, using the more advanced foot sewing machine at that time to complete the final sewing process. Nowadays, the paper bags are made by rotary printing machine, which not only reduces the time of making clothes paper bags, but also greatly improves the productivity.

In plastic intaglio printing, how to control the viscosity of ink is very important. Paper bag is a kind of environmental protection paper bag, which is commonly used in daily life, is used to pack articles. Especially in the high-speed rotogravure printing, whether the viscosity control of ink printing is appropriate or not has a direct relationship with the custom-made clothing paper bags, which has a great relationship with the transfer of pigment, the dirty plate, the gloss and brightness of the printed matter, the firmness of the pigment adhesion, the static electricity and other numerical quality problems, which affect the yield of the printed matter. The factors that affect the viscosity include the diameter and hardness of the elastic roller, the elastic modulus, the properties of the roller, the speed of the roller, the temperature of the roller, the ambient temperature, the temperature of the sample, the thickness of the ink film, the ink, etc., which affect the viscosity of the elastic roller, the situation of the elastic roller in cleaning, and the properties of the test.

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