What should we pay attention to when choosing grease-proof paper bags ?

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The matters needing attention are as follows: 1. When purchasing on the spot, put your hand in the paper bag and open it with your finger. Put one on the top of your finger at the heat joint to see if the heat sealing edge is firm. 2. Smell it through the mouth of the paper bag to see if it has a strong odor. 3. Can pour bgreaseed water, see if it has a stink, nasal odor to the extreme, if so, that this paper bag is inferior and not environmentally friendly health "grease-proof paper bag", and then see whether it cracks and leaks, if it leaks, it will also leak grease will not play the role of grease-proof. Such grease-proof paper bags should not be purchased. This is something that our buyers should pay attention to.


Warm tips:


Environmental protection food-grade grease-proof paper bags are the trend of the future. Today, most of the market is ordinary kraft paper. grease-proof paper bags are made by composite coating. They are printed by gravure (hard plate) on gravure presses. Ink is also cheaper and heavy metals exceed the standard. Now, some manufacturers have already upgraded their grade. They use white and dregs-free pulp paper and PE film as raw material paper, and then use environmentally friendly water-based ink to use resin flexographic printing on flexographic printing machine. The printing ink of grease-proof paper bag is solid, full-coloured, and of the same quality. With the advantages of high-grade, hygiene and environmental protection, such grease-proof paper bags are mostly used in brand western fast food restaurants, composite cake cakes, fast food or restaurant plaza.

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