How can it be regarded as a successful food packaging ?

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1. Sensory packaging sensory packaging can make consumers have an intuitive sense of packaging products, such as touch, vision or smell. Sensory packaging mainly establishes an external overall feeling, such as odor, texture structure and visual effects. For example, some feel that packaging extracts the odor of internal products to attract customers, such as toast, barbecue, chocolate or fruit. The extracted odor is fused into adhesives or coatings, making the whole package full of attractive flavor. In this way, a connection can be established between products and consumers. Sensory packaging is a very humane consideration for maintaining the integrity of the product.


2. Intelligent packaging is mainly used to detect the deviation of packaging structure or materials. For example, check the density of the packaging cardboard material to determine whether the carton produced has enough stiffness to meet the needs of the product, such as ensuring that juice or milk does not leak out. Using laser detection technology, many parameters of food packaging design can be measured, such as the microscopic structure of packaging printing ink. Intelligent packaging can contain a large amount of product information in the packaging. It combines marking and monitoring system to form an extended tracking system to check product data. Intelligent packaging traces and monitors products through internal sensors or advanced barcode and trademark information systems, and uses the principles of sensory packaging and functional packaging. The use of UV and EB ink can effectively avoid the distortion of barcode. For more accurate data detection, data chip or micro-point detection system can also be used for control.


3. Functional packaging is a scientific method to solve the packaging problems related to content. With the anti-corrosion property of liquid packaging box, the application of such packaging can make the perishable products keep longer freshness time. The packaging box designed to eliminate some defects and shortcomings of the product itself can also extend the storage life of the product and maintain the fresh taste of the product. Functional packaging can effectively avoid content interference and play a very good protective role.

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