What Is The Relationship Between The Positioning Of Food Packaging And Products?

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Food packaging should not only arouse consumers' attention and interest in products through the use of shapes, colors, patterns and materials, but also enable consumers to understand products through food packaging. Because what consumers buy is not the package, but the product inside the package. The effective way to accurately convey product information is to truly convey the product image. For example, transparent packaging can be used or windows can be opened on the packaging container to display products. Product graphics can also be drawn on food packaging, concise text descriptions and color photos of products can be printed.

To convey product information also requires that the grade of packaging should be in line with the grade of the product. It is a failure to cover up or exaggerate the quality and function of the product. Low grade products with gorgeous and expensive packaging will not attract consumers. At present, most of the small food packaging and printing in China's market are very exquisite. Eye catching colors, gorgeous patterns and silver flashing aluminum foil bags with moving instructions are of great value to consumers, especially children It's very tempting, but most of the time, the value of the food in the bag is far from the price, which makes people feel cheated. Therefore, the grade of packaging must adapt to the grade of the product.

According to the successful experience of domestic and foreign markets, it is suitable for high-income people to use The packaging of Japanese consumer goods mostly adopts simple and clear pictures, soft and elegant colors and superior materials; for low-income consumer goods, obvious and bright colors and pictures are adopted, and the word "economic benefits" is used to express the product information to consumers and make them understand.

The exact transmission of product information also requires that the shapes, colors, patterns, etc. used in packaging do not violate people's habits, resulting in misunderstanding. For example, the use of food paper packaging color has such experience: butter does not need yellow packaging design, but other colors are unsalable. Coffee can not be sold with blue packaging, because people have a relatively fixed understanding of the product content represented by some colors for a long time. These colors can also be called product image colors. Some of the product image colors come from the commodity itself. Tea represents tea, peach represents peach, orange represents orange, yellow represents butter and mayonnaise, green represents vegetables, and coffee color comes from coffee.

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