How To Match Paper Handbag With Portable Rope?

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With the gradual maturity of the custom-made industry, the details of paper handbag are paid more and more attention. Today, let's talk about how to choose the portable rope when customizing the paper handbag, so as to match with our products!

Everything pays attention to the overall coordination of the United States, in the handbag rope selection we are also based on this principle to consider. Due to the promotion now, many businesses choose kraft paper as the raw material to make handbags, and the rope usually selects the corresponding paper rope. The advantage of this is that the overall material is the same, and it is easy to form consistency. In addition, due to the brittleness of kraft paper bags, it is difficult to open holes for threading. Therefore, the combination of kraft paper bag and paper rope is a good choice.

The second principle for the selection of the portable rope is the principle of color unification. For example, when the overall design style of the handbag is white, the red lifting rope is definitely not matched. Therefore, in the selection of the portable rope, the white lifting rope is usually chosen as the main color. Of course, there are exceptions to everything. When you want to highlight your differences, you can also use a strong contrast rope.

As a manufacturer, we generally analyze how to match the lifting rope of the handbag from the perspectives of material and color. In addition to the personalized needs of customers, the selection principle of lifting rope is naturally formed.

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