What Are The Designs On The Food Packaging?

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Food packaging design graphics are closely connected with packaging materials. Using patterns and photos, we can get simple but not simple, diverse and not trivial graphics by means of deformation, depiction, addition and deletion. Through the abstract or concrete visual graphics to establish and convey the aesthetic feeling, in order to show a variety of enterprise connotation, the beauty of the interpretation of products, to convey high-quality quality information to consumers, so that consumers can fully associate the use value of products, produce the desire to buy.

In addition, food packaging design graphics also have essential distinction between different consumer objects, so as to be able to get the recognition of the object of appeal, so as to achieve the purpose of demand. For example, children's consumer groups mainly use cartoon or widely circulated patterns with dynamic motion, and grasp children's lovely, naive and imaginative psychological factors to carry out packaging design for products; for young consumers, fashionable mainstream patterns are the first choice for decoration.

The pattern in food packaging design has the function of product reproduction. The product reproduction can fully display the information of the style and shape of the products in the package to the consumers, so as to produce the effect of visual impact and demand. Usually, concrete graphics or realistic photography pictures are used. In order to reflect the taste of food, food photos are often printed on the product packaging to deepen the distinct impression of consumers. Patterns also have the function of product association. Consumers use patterns or photos as the media to understand the shape information of products, and "touch the scene with emotion", and think of the appearance of another thing from the appearance of things.

Good product packaging design is gratifying, people can not help but want to buy. This kind of factor that people have to like is the symbolic effect of the package. The function of symbolism lies in hint. Although it does not convey the idea directly or concretely, it is powerful and even more concrete.

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