What information do you need to provide for customized gift bags?

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Budget is very important for customers. So when they ask about a customized paper bag, they will first ask, how much does it cost? So, what information do you need to know to customize gift paper bags? Come with us and have a look.

1、 In order to customize gift paper bags, the quantity must be quoted first. There is a great relationship between quantity and price. Generally, paper bag manufacturers will give a large amount of preferential policies. Therefore, if you buy more, the price will be cheaper.

2、 To customize gift paper bags, we also need to tell the paper bag manufacturers what process they need, what style of printing and whether they need to customize. Generally speaking, the more comprehensive the information provided, the smoother the later communication, and the faster the product can be obtained. The price of customized gift paper bag has a lot to do with the craft and materials. If the material is good, the cost will be high, and the price will go up naturally. For example, the price of kraft paper bag is different from that of white kraft paper bag. The cost of paper bag with complex process is different from that of monochrome printing.

3、If you don't know much about these professional knowledge, you can provide your own budget, appearance description or similar samples. Through the designer's design draft, continuous confirmation in mass production. The paper bag manufacturers will also make suitable gift paper bags according to the budget, material and process requirements.

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